Albertsons Companies Publishes 2023 ESG Report

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Albertsons Companies has unveiled its 2023 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report, spotlighting the company's strides in ESG initiatives and reiterating its commitment to combat food insecurity within local communities and integrate sustainable practices throughout its operations.

Vivek Sankaran, CEO of Albertsons Cos., emphasised, "Our latest report solidifies our enduring dedication to supporting the countless communities we serve and the shared planet we inhabit. In 2022, significant progress was made in fulfilling our commitments and aligning our actions with our corporate identity. We remain resolute in propelling positive change and capitalising on this momentum to foster enriched lives, vibrant neighbourhoods, and a more sustainable planet."

In April 2022, Albertsons Cos. introduced its Recipe for Change framework, a strategic blueprint with targeted goals to maximise the company's positive influence across four focal areas: Planet, People, Product, and Community.

Building upon a legacy of community engagement and sustainable operations, Recipe for Change intensifies Albertsons' commitment to lowering carbon emissions, fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce, reducing food waste destined for landfills, minimising excessive plastics and packaging, and addressing the issue of food insecurity.

Chief Sustainability and Transformation Officer at Albertsons Cos., Suzanne Long, acknowledged the instrumental role played by associates in the progress witnessed in 2022. "Our associates' dedication enabled us to make substantive alterations that enhance business performance while reducing emissions, nurturing inclusivity within our team, curtailing food waste, and addressing food insecurity.

"In the coming year, we plan to expand our Recipe for Change initiative, involving vendors to drive industry-wide transformation and fostering greater customer participation in achieving our objectives. By enlisting others on our journey, we can translate change into reality."

Key highlights from the 2023 ESG Report for fiscal year 2022 are as follows:


  • Climate Action: Albertsons Cos. is steadfast in its commitment to leveraging scientific advancements and technology to curtail carbon emissions throughout its operations and value chain.

  • Carbon Emission Reduction: Achieved a 21% reduction in operational carbon emissions between 2019 and 2022.

  • Energy Efficiency Projects: Executed over 1,100 energy efficiency projects in 2022, focusing on energy demand reduction. Initiatives encompassed LED lighting retrofits, refrigerated case doors, building management systems, and more.

  • Refrigeration Transition: Completed more than 85 refrigeration projects in 2022, facilitating the transition to refrigerants with lower global warming potential.

  • Resource Recycling: Recycled over 850 million pounds of cardboard and 27 million pounds of plastic film and bags in 2022.


  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Albertsons Cos. remains committed to cultivating a diverse workforce and nurturing an all-encompassing culture that embraces differences and provides equitable opportunities for all employees.

  • Inclusion Index: Launched a company-wide inclusion index, enabling associates to contribute their unique perspectives and foster a culture of respect and dignity for all.

  • Associate Resource Groups: Introduced the eighth associate resource group, DiverseABILITY, focusing on raising awareness, celebrating diversity, and creating opportunities for individuals with diverse abilities and their supporters.

  • Inclusion Workshops: Trained over 15,000 leaders through "Leading with Inclusion" workshops aimed at fostering awareness about bias and furnishing tools to bolster inclusivity in the workplace.


  • Waste Reduction & Circularity: Albertsons Cos. is resolute in its commitment to eradicating food waste sent to landfills, minimising plastic and packaging usage in Own Brands products, and expediting the transition to a circular economy.

  • Recycling Communications: Achieved the milestone of offering standardised recycling instructions via How2Recycle labels and QR codes on over 7,000 Own Brands packaged products.

  • AI-driven Ordering: Utilised innovative artificial intelligence technology across almost all Albertsons Cos. stores to optimise product orders, mitigating unsold food.

  • Food Waste Diversion: Redirected more than 321 million pounds of food and trimmings from landfills through composting, innovative upcycling solutions, and anaerobic digestion, converting food waste into nutrient-rich soil supplements.


  • Community Engagement: Albertsons Cos. remains steadfast in its commitment to battling food insecurity on a local level, ensuring the well-being of all community members.

  • Meals Enabled: Facilitated 254 million meals through store food donations and the Albertsons Cos. Foundation's Nourishing Neighbours programme, aggregating to over 950 million meals since 2019.

  • Fundraising Impact: Raised over $40 million through Nourishing Neighbours, translating to 188 million meals in 2022.

  • Enhanced Access to Nutrition: Introduced a new online service for Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) recipients, allowing SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) customers to utilise their benefits for online grocery purchases.

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