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Cropin Technology, a leading company in agricultural technology (Agtech), announced that they have become a Certified B Corporation (B Corp).

This certification recognises their dedication to both social and environmental progress, particularly in creating sustainable food systems worldwide.

Earning this B Corp status confirms Cropin's ten-year track record of transforming agriculture, empowering farmers, and shaping the future of agribusiness through innovative Agtech solutions.

The B Corp movement unites businesses committed to using their power for positive change. Cropin stands out as a leader in the Agtech industry, driving the shift towards an inclusive, equitable, and sustainable global economy.

The B Corp certification acknowledges their commitment to excellence across various areas, including governance, employee well-being, empowering communities and customers, environmental impact, and responsible stakeholder engagement.

It reinforces Cropin's achievements in building a more predictable, traceable, and sustainable agricultural system that benefits all participants in the food chain. This includes empowering farmers and contributing to meaningful progress for underserved communities.

This certification further solidifies Cropin's position at the forefront of the global "Ag-intelligence" movement, evidenced by the following:

  • Reaching millions worldwide: Cropin's positive impact extends to millions of people globally, including women farmers in developing countries.

  • Global reach: Their agricultural and climate technology solutions are deployed across 103 countries.

  • Industry innovation: They introduced the world's first industry cloud platform specifically designed for agriculture, powered by a comprehensive Crop Knowledge Graph covering 500 crops and 10,000 varieties.

  • Extensive experience: Cropin has built intelligence for over 200 million acres of farmland.

  • Shaping the future: Through digitalisation, data, and intelligence, Cropin is reimagining agriculture for agribusinesses, development agencies, and government stakeholders.

Krishna Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO, Cropin said, "I am both proud and humbled by the prestigious B Corp certification for Cropin. This recognition comes at a crucial juncture when agricultural transformation is imperative to achieve global climate goals.

"The food systems' significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions, freshwater consumption, and fossil fuel usage necessitates a transformation, and the Agritech sector, including Cropin, has a crucial role to play. With this certification, we reaffirm our commitment to being a key catalyst for ecosystem stakeholders in this transformative journey."

Sugandhi Matta, Chief Impact Officer, ABC Impact, said, "The B Corp certification is a clear testament to a business's commitment to sustainability. Attaining this status requires companies to meet rigorous social and environmental performance standards, public transparency, and legal accountability, harmonising profit and purpose.

"Cropin's achievement of B Corp certification underscores its dedication to creating a positive impact for all stakeholders, integrating sustainability at the core of its decision-making. As an ABC Impact portfolio company, we take pride in Cropin's commitment and wish them continued success in their journey to reshape and fortify sustainable food systems."

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