Aegir Insights Gets Support from Denmark's Export & Investment Fund

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by KnowESG

Offshore wind analyst Aegir Insights gets its first round of outside funding from Denmark's Export & Investment Fund.

The growth loan from Denmark's Export & Investment Fund recognises both the strength of Aegir Insights as a company and its role in advancing the energy transition through modern, data-driven and adaptable intelligence for the offshore wind sector.

Aegir Insights was examined across numerous ESG criteria as part of the investment process and committed to continuous improvement and transparent reporting.

Scott Urquhart, CEO of Aegir Insights, says: “I am proud of what we have accomplished together with our investors and industry partners, and excited to accelerate our journey as a differentiated analytics business founded on deep industry experience, proprietary models, and cutting-edge data. Our solutions for offshore wind investments are helping to deploy more capacity, faster and at a lower cost. We believe a focus on ESG and transparent reporting will translate into better business performance for both Aegir and our customers.”

Michael Zöllner, Chief Commercial Officer responsible for SMEs for Denmark’s Export and Investment Fund, says: “Aegir Insights presents an advanced analytical tool—a software that can accelerate the transition toward green solutions by saving both time and resources for other projects within the construction of offshore wind turbines. To Denmark’s Export and Investment Fund, Aegir Insights presents a unique example of how to make the transition to greener solutions good business with their scalable solution, which has the potential to broadly share knowledge within the industry, as well as catalyse positive, green change.”

Jacob Winning Lehmann, Chairman at Aegir Insights, says: “We welcome Denmark’s Export & Investment Fund as a funding partner to Aegir Insights. The loan provided marks an end to our first external funding round, and we are really happy that we, in less than three months, have secured seed financing for our efforts leading towards a potential Series A funding round in 2023.”

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