Advancing Sustainability: Tetra Pak's Ongoing Journey

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Tetra Pak has released its highly anticipated Sustainability Report FY22, which showcases the company's remarkable progress in various sustainability areas.

Now in its 24th edition, the report underscores the ongoing significance of sustainability within Tetra Pak's strategy and its unwavering commitment to making sustainable choices.

Throughout 2022, Tetra Pak achieved remarkable milestones, successfully reducing operational greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by an impressive 39%.

Notably, a significant portion of the company's energy, a staggering 84%, was derived from renewable sources. These achievements firmly position Tetra Pak on track to achieve net-zero emissions within its own operations by 2030.

Additionally, the sale of 8.8 billion plant-based packages and 11.9 billion plant-based caps resulted in impressive CO2 savings of 131 kilotonnes.

In support of a circular economy, Tetra Pak also invested close to €30 million to expedite the collection and recycling of beverage cartons.

Furthermore, the company collaborated with food technology incubators and start-ups to explore innovative solutions for sustainable food production.

These accomplishments were particularly noteworthy considering the challenging backdrop of 2022, which was marked by substantial uncertainty stemming from the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain disruptions, and geopolitical tensions, including Russia's invasion of Ukraine. These factors posed significant financial difficulties for businesses and consumers alike, leading to increased living costs and food insecurity for many individuals.

Commenting on these challenges, Adolfo Orive, President & CEO of Tetra Pak, emphasised the need for comprehensive and systemic solutions. He emphasised the imperative to address the scale and urgency of the required changes, ensuring food accessibility while minimising environmental impact and leaving no one behind. Tetra Pak has adopted a holistic approach, focusing on five interconnected and interdependent areas of contribution: food systems, circularity, climate, nature, and social sustainability.

Tetra Pak's recently unveiled Sustainability Report FY22 showcases not only the accomplishments of the past year but also the ongoing initiatives dedicated to safeguarding food, people, and the planet.

Some notable highlights include pioneering the development of a fibre-based barrier, which serves as an eco-friendly substitute for the thin aluminium foil layer in aseptic carton packages. This breakthrough marks a significant milestone in Tetra Pak's journey toward a fully renewable aseptic packaging solution.

Additionally, the company received recognition from CDP, a global environmental non-profit, for its exceptional leadership in corporate transparency and performance regarding climate change and forests. This recognition secured Tetra Pak a place on CDP's prestigious 'A List' for the fourth consecutive year.

Furthermore, Tetra Pak's commitment to innovation and waste reduction is evident in its development of a new processing method for soya drinks and a groundbreaking technology that transforms Brewer's Spent Grain into a plant-based beverage, thereby minimising waste and maximising nutritional value.

The company's efforts to increase access to healthy beverages through school feeding programmes, which benefit a staggering 66 million children across 44 countries, are an example of its commitment to enhancing children's well-being around the world.

Moreover, Tetra Pak has been instrumental in establishing 22 Dairy Hub projects, ensuring the delivery of milk from approximately 44,000 farmers, often smallholders, thereby bolstering local dairy value chains.

In line with its commitment to environmental conservation, Tetra Pak has successfully restored 87 hectares of land through the Araucaria Conservation Programme in Brazil, which is equivalent to 136 football fields. Additionally, the company has made notable strides in implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and has made substantial progress in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I).

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