ADM Publishes 2022 Corporate Sustainability Report

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ADM has unveiled its latest Corporate Sustainability Report for 2022, highlighting the company's endeavours and advancements in addressing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) priorities across various value chains, including food, feed, fuel, industrial, and consumer products.

Chairman and CEO Juan Luciano expressed ADM's unwavering commitment to sustainability as a core aspect of their purpose and growth strategy. The report not only outlines the progress made in 2022 but also emphasises the company's excitement for the future as they continue to expand its efforts. Luciano expressed great pride in ADM and its team.

The report focuses on three key categories: Feeding the World, Protecting Nature, and Enriching Lives.

Under the Feeding the World category, ADM aims to improve food security through initiatives such as enhancing land use efficiency, expanding alternative protein capacity, addressing post-harvest loss, fostering strategic partnerships, and ensuring food safety and quality.

Some notable achievements in 2022 include increasing alternative protein capabilities and collaborating with Concern Worldwide on the Lifesaving Education and Assistance to Farmers programme.

In terms of Protecting Nature, ADM acknowledges its strong connection to the land and underscores its commitment to sustainable stewardship. The company's efforts include biodiversity management, no-deforestation practices, regenerative agriculture, greenhouse gas emissions reduction, innovation, and water conservation.

Noteworthy accomplishments in 2022 involve achieving 100% traceability of soybean suppliers, disclosing emissions from land use change, setting water consumption reduction goals, increasing low-carbon energy usage, and launching the re:generations™ programme for regenerative agriculture.

Under the Enriching Lives category, ADM focuses on leveraging nature to enhance the quality of life. The company demonstrates its commitment through philanthropic initiatives, promoting human rights, ensuring workplace safety, and fostering a positive culture.

Highlights from 2022 include substantial investments through ADM Cares, contributions to support colleagues and NGOs, and recognition for workplace diversity and ethics.

To delve deeper into ADM's sustainability strategy and explore its progress towards goals in 2022, you can access the full Corporate Sustainability Report.

To view and compare company ESG Ratings and Sustainability Reports across sectors, follow our Company ESG Profiles page.

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