AAR Releases 2023 ESG Report

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AAR CORP., a prominent provider of aviation services to both commercial and government entities, as well as MROs and OEMs, has unveiled its 2023 ESG Summary Report.

This report underscores the company's unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility, social engagement, and ethical governance.

Initiating its ESG reporting in 2021, AAR has consistently shared valuable insights into its ongoing initiatives, aligning them with the company's core values while identifying opportunities for continuous enhancement.

In the 2023 report, AAR introduces an ESG commitments statement and provides an overview of governance improvements in the ESG realm. Notably, the company has included its latest EEO-1 report on the ESG section of its website, offering a demographic snapshot of the U.S.-based segment of AAR’s workforce. AAR continues to disclose data in accordance with the GRI, SASB, and TCFD frameworks.

John M. Holmes, AAR’s Chairman, President, and CEO, expressed pride in the company's 2023 ESG Summary Report, emphasising AAR's dedication to positively influencing the environment, communities, and the aviation industry as a whole.

He stated, “Our 2023 ESG Summary Report demonstrates AAR’s commitment to positively shaping our impact on the environment, communities, and the industry. I’m proud of our efforts to build on successes and create an even brighter future – together.”

Highlighted achievements from the report include AAR's successful installation of drag reduction kits on five commercial aircraft, aimed at curbing fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Additionally, the company expanded its leadership team by appointing a Chief Human Resources Officer to spearhead global people strategy. AAR's Fellowship Programme, designed to foster the aviation workforce pipeline, also saw expansion, offering tuition assistance and employment opportunities.

Noteworthy acknowledgements in the report encompass the company's dedication to diversity and inclusion, earning AAR recognition as one of America’s Greatest Workplaces for Diversity 2023 by Newsweek. AAR's commitment to safety is evident in the reduction of recordable injuries, with no major injuries reported during FY2023.

Further strides in data privacy include the establishment of a new role overseeing the protection of personal information held by the company. AAR also reinforced its Supplier Code of Conduct and is planning a "Speak Up" campaign to heighten awareness of compliance practices.

AAR's comprehensive 2023 ESG Summary Report can be accessed on the dedicated ESG page of its website at aarcorp.com/en/about/environmental-social-and-governance-esg/.

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