AAM Highlights Sustainability Efforts

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AAM Investment Group (AAM) has unveiled its inaugural Sustainability Report, offering a comprehensive overview of its ongoing commitment to environmental, social, and economic performance across its extensive portfolio of agricultural assets throughout Australia.

With assets valued at nearly $1 billion, encompassing over 1.7 million hectares of managed land, this Australian-owned and operated company officially outlined its sustainability initiatives in 2022. The report delineates key priorities under three pillars: Planet, People, and Prosperity.

Garry Edwards, AAM's Managing Director, expressed pride in sharing the report, emphasising the company's dedication to building a robust and economically resilient business.

He stated, "Since AAM's inception, our operational expertise and commitment to continuous improvement have facilitated portfolio expansion, driven productivity growth, and increased positive impacts on our people, livestock, communities, and the environment."

The report reveals that AAM-managed and owned businesses, when factoring in actual revenue and capital investment, contributed to a national economic impact of $463 million in the past financial year.

Edwards highlighted the company's role as a large-scale operator, with the capacity to effect change, expressing the hope that their experiences would inspire positive outcomes across the industry.

Agriculture's historical significance, coupled with its vital role in global sustenance, contributes to AAM's investment philosophy.

Edwards stated, "Globally, agriculture is the world's oldest asset class, and has made a significant contribution to the national economy over the past 200 years."

The report's Planet chapter underscores AAM's commitment to minimising environmental impacts, with key priorities including water use efficiency, mitigating impacts on animal welfare, and waste reduction. In the 2022-23 period, AAM invested $11.2 million in capital development projects, focusing on innovation, process optimisation, and long-term sustainability.

Noteworthy projects include the deployment of 70 Starlink satellite internet services, one of the largest installations in Australia's agricultural sector. Edwards explained the strategic decision to await advancements in low earth orbit satellite technology, resulting in substantial cost savings compared to traditional earth-based infrastructure.

AAM also initiated a multi-million dollar upgrade programme at AAM Timber's manufacturing and processing facilities, aiming to enhance operational efficiency, productivity, and employee safety.

Edwards emphasised AAM's commitment to ongoing learning, improvement, and technology adoption to support sustainability initiatives and economic resilience.

He described the sustainability journey as cyclical, stating, "There is no finish line, and there will always be opportunities for us to evaluate what we are doing and look for enhancements that will drive long-term environmental, social, and economic benefits."

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