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by Syrine Zghal
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Appian Capital Advisory promoting ESG

Last week, Silvio Lima was appointed as Head of Corporate Affairs, ESG, and Community Engagement at Appian Capital Advisory LLP, to drive and realise Appian’s ESG goals. This news generated plenty of excitement, so we decided to learn more about the company and its ESG practices.

Promoting the energy transition and green tech, Appian Capital Advisory is a London-based consultancy firm derived from Appian Natural Resources Fund. With a diversified portfolio of clients and projects, Appian is a private equity fund exclusively related to mining assets, with the goal of assisting investors in realising the greatest possible value from their investments.

Appian Capital Advisory has been noticeable as a business that displays a principled belief in supporting the development of ESG. Certainly, their website branding portrays a company that is committed to making a difference first and foremost, which piqued our interest in learning more about the company.

Practising ESG principles and sustainability at Appian Capital Advisory

The world is starting to closely monitor a company like Appian Capital Advisory, not only because of the escalation of greenwashing techniques employed by many companies, but also because advisory firms in particular can play a significant role in assisting companies grasp the value of ESG. It is also because they highlight the relevance of ESG strategies that they should themselves do the same in terms of global sustainable practices, especially with mining activities. For example, they should be accountable for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, conducting business without endangering society, the environment, or natural resources, and focussing on the "G" in ESG, as evidenced by adherence to anti-bribery policies and safety, health, environmental, and social responsibility policies.

Appian Capital Advisory also claims to have a 360 degree due diligence process which examines the social and environmental elements related to each potential investment opportunity.

According to Silvio Lima, the company has also received the "Great Place to Work" title for two years in a row on its 2022 sustainability report. The "S" in the ESG is covered, and Appian Capital Advisory reiterates its dedication to maintaining a strong corporate culture.

Before urging their investors to follow these ESG principles, Appian Capital Advisory aims to put them into practice for reasons other than obligation, such as for credibility and sustainability.

The Appian Way Charitable Foundation (AWCF)

The AWCF was established by the firm as a means of enacting its commitment to ESG. The organisation focusses on giving back to communities by assisting locals and enhancing infrastructure, as well as by addressing issues related to education. The idea is to maximise the impact of every dollar spent on mining ventures. These efforts include teacher training, solidarity campaigns for those most affected by natural catastrophes, and assistance for local projects, which are the primary source of income for communities. In total, they have set aside USD2.25 million for their own initiatives, including Kalbar, Mineraço Vale Verde, and Atlantic Nickel.

While providing advice to companies and investors, advisory sector firms should undoubtedly incorporate ESG metrics themselves. ESG metrics are increasingly critical KPIs that can define a company's internal and external perception, to potential employees and potential customers, respectively. While most organisations are striving to make the move to ESG-integrated strategy, advice and consulting firms can get a step ahead and demonstrate the values themselves that they are promoting to clients.

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