KnowESG Launching the Premier ESG Marketplace: Unique Place to Find Partners in Sustainability Transition

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KnowESG: ESG Marketplace
The Premier ESG Marketplace: Discover an extensive network of ESG providers, offering a wide range of products and services across various geographies and industries.

KnowESG, a hub for ESG data and resources, is announcing the launch of The Premier ESG Marketplace. The Marketplace is a unique platform for all organisations to select, filter, and connect with ESG service providers that could help them tackle their sustainability challenges. Whether it is a need for ESG strategy, reporting, data, AI, software, or more, the right partner can be discovered within a couple of minutes.

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One space to address ESG challenges, anywhere in the world

"We created the Marketplace to solve a challenge in the current market: scattered access to accredited and relevant providers of ESG and sustainability services, including software, and to connect business leaders around the world," says the co-founder, Eva Nedelkova.

If you are an ESG provider, the Marketplace allows you to position your sustainability offering, relevant expertise, including client testimonials, and will drive traffic to your website. If you are an organisation navigating ESG strategy, compliance and reporting requirements, or an investor seeking sustainable investment opportunities, the ESG Marketplace is your gateway to a sustainable future.

In short, the Marketplace seamlessly connects organisations with assured ESG providers who can help them address their sustainability needs and goals. It offers to leverage our advanced search capabilities to find partners specialising in ESG data, ratings, consulting, software, and more, anywhere in the world.

With KnowESG, you're empowered to make informed decisions that align with your sustainability aspirations and drive positive impact.

KnowESG: An extensive debase of providers, companies and resources dedicated to ESG

Unlike other platforms, the ESG Marketplace:

  • Offers advanced tagging and filtering options to position the services to the right audiences and geographies.

  • Is ad-free, and all our assured ESG providers are vetted to ensure the user experience is seamless and minimise the possibility of greenwashing.

  • Offers the most comprehensive overview of ESG providers in the B2B sector, with gradual growth in the B2C sector.

  • Offers integration with our ESG Rating Module, featuring aggregated ESG Ratings, news, and sustainability reports for thousands of companies across all the major economic sectors.

  • Offers integration with our ESG Events and ESG Courses Modules to list or find relevant sources of ESG knowledge.

Featured providers

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Democratising access to ESG data and information

The world we know needs a radical sustainability shift. We at KnowESG believe that business is the most powerful tool to change the world we live in. We are accelerating the transition to sustainable business by providing transparency in the online space, which is overflowing with incoherent ESG data and greenwashed marketing. We offer over 4,000 of our daily users access not only to a database of ESG providers but also aggregated ESG ratings of over 2,000 companies, hundreds of courses, events and articles.

Join us in our mission of transparency by checking out our Marketplace module, listing your courses and events in our database, or accessing a large amount of ESG insights and articles.

Subscription opens in February-March 2024

We have launched the Marketplace in January 2024 with a limited number of initial customers and will open our subscriptions in February-March 2024.

Would you like to learn more? Please contact for further information.

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