BOAL Group Gets Top 50 Global ESG Rating

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by Aaroshi Rathor
Image of BOAL Group CEO, Adri Pols (left), receiving ESG Global 50 award (Source:
Image of BOAL Group CEO, Adri Pols (left), receiving ESG Global 50 award from Sustainalytics (Source:

The Dutch company, Boal Group, has ranked in the top 50 global firms for its environmental, social, and governance rating, determined by Sustainalytics, a third-party agency. It rates businesses according to how well they execute in the three crucial areas of corporate governance, social responsibility, and environmental impact. The company's efforts to reduce its environmental impact, advance moral corporate conduct and support the welfare of its staff, clients, and communities are reflected in BOAL Group's high ESG rating. 

Setting the Standard

With the BOAL group earning a global Top 50 accreditation in ESG performance from Sustainalytics, the company has set a standard for sustainability that others in the sector should follow. The business creates ready-to-install scalable solutions for greenhouse builders, enabling them to provide high-performing projects for growers to produce crops anywhere in the world. The business is a recognised authority in the field of international controlled environment agriculture (CEA). They offer whole aluminium greenhouse structures with integrated insect netting and ventilation solutions, as well as insulated storage rooms, climate screen systems, or even individual greenhouse pieces. They also offer creative solutions for high-tech covered horticulture. 

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Resource Use Reduction

The company has made steps to integrate ESG into its operations. Sustainability is the company's top priority, from reducing arable land use via its marketed solutions, to cutting water use and lowering CO2 emissions. With the help of Boal's roofing system, new greenhouses have been constructed during the past ten years, annually producing 1 billion kg of tomatoes while saving 200 billion litres of water.

Land and water shortage is a problem that needs immediate attention, since climate change and the rise in global population pose a serious threat to the short-term availability of both resources. In order to meet the increasing demand sustainably, the company's high-tech covered cultivation offers a solution. The business is dedicated to accelerating the shift to a sustainable supply of wholesome foods, flowers, and plants, part of a decades-long economic tradition in the Netherlands that puts it at the forefront of global output and new agrotech development. 

ESG Commitment

When it comes to integrating ESG factors, a company's ESG profile reveals its dedication to sustainability, responsible business practices, and overall efforts made towards the environment, employees, customers, and stakeholders. As a result, organisations place a high value on their sustainability reports, which quantify their ESG performance and help them pinpoint areas where they need to improve. Additionally, BOAL Group secured the top spot globally in the Building Products sector for 2023. Sustainalytics used its renowned scoring system to evaluate more than 15,000 enterprises for the 2023 ranking. 

Talking about receiving a Global Top 50 badge in ESG performance, BOAL Group CEO, Adri Pols, said, "We are honoured to receive this recognition for our ESG performance. Sustainability and responsibility are deeply ingrained in our company culture, and we are committed to continuing to improve in these areas. We believe being a responsible corporate citizen isn't only the right thing to do, but it also makes good business sense."  

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