Starter guide to ISO 37001 and certification by Speeki

Intermediate Level

Intermediate Level



Start Date : 30 April 2024
Starter guide to ISO 37001 and certification by Speeki

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Starter guide to ISO 37001 and certification

The role of ISO 37001 and certification in today’s business landscape.

ISO 37001 certification holds significant importance in today’s business landscape as it demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to implementing and maintaining an effective anti-bribery management system. This certification not only enhances the company’s reputation and credibility but also provides a competitive edge by instilling trust among stakeholders and mitigating the risk of bribery-related incidents.

Learn all you need to know about ISO 37001 and certification.

Key aspects

Join our interactive live online course on how to build an anti-bribery programme that works under ISO 37001 and:

  • gain a deep understanding of each of the key provisions of ISO 37001 

  • explore how to focus on the essential areas for successful implementation 

  • discover valuable tips and insights to address areas of concern that are commonly identified during certification audits 

  • learn how to effectively navigate and excel in certification audits, ensuring your organisation meets the standards of ISO 37001.

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For whom

  • Companies seeking to enhance their understanding of ISO 37001

  • Companies looking to rebuild their existing anti-bribery programmes

  • Companies looking to use ISO 37001 to build their anti-bribery programmes from the ground up

  • Companies looking to get a certification under ISO 37001.

More about the course

This session will include a presentation as well as some practical examples built on a fictional company scenario. Participants will gain valuable insights into ISO 37001 and certification through a combination of theoretical frameworks and real-world applications.

After completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate confirming the acquired knowledge of ISO 37001 and certification.

Join us for our two-hour live online course, where one of our expert trainers will provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to build an effective anti-bribery programme and get a certification under ISO 37001. 

Explore the advantages of our live courses, where you can actively participate by asking questions, networking, engaging with speakers and fostering productive dialogue for your professional development. 

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