Technology Industry plays a Significant Role in ESG Advancement

Published on: 25 February 2022
by KnowESG
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A Brief Summary

The latest technology facilitates several organisations and their day-to-day operations in today's business world. Technologies have also helped ESG move forward, particularly with the amount of connectivity needed for powering applications, installing solar panels, manufacturing electric vehicles, microgrids and many more.

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A recent report published by Jefferies found that industry analysts addressed some of the significant ESG-related issues such as greenhouse gas emissions, product design and management, and business operations resiliency.

Jefferies said those ESG issues brought up in the conversation are some of the most common and could be the basis for making improvements.

Technologies such as the 5G network will also help drive sustainability across manufacturing, transportation and buildings.

According to the report, the semiconductor and semi cap equipment industry focused more on sustainable issues to reduce energy consumption and operating costs. That makes the product design and lifecycle management of those products significant, according to analyst Mark Lipacis.

Lipacis said the power and management subsector has a new class of semiconductors called wide bandgap, which enhances power management. It can reduce the power needed to charge devices and power data centres.

All these reported examples will help us understand the significance of technology in the field of ESG. The latest technologies, to a great extent, will usher the sustainability goals of the business organisations.