Qbtech Partners With Verdane to Accelerate Growth in ADHD Diagnostics Software Market

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by KnowESG

Qbtech, the software provider of objective ADHD tests QbTest and QbCheck, announces an investment by specialist growth equity investor, Verdane. Qbtech is the market leader in objective measurement of ADHD symptoms, transforming ADHD care for individuals and society at large.

Working with specialists in health and education in the US and Europe, Qbtech reduces delays in diagnosis and enables treatment optimization for children and adults with ADHD. Verdane’s investment will enable Qbtech to further accelerate growth through new technologies, new customer segments, and significant expansion in existing markets.

With a mission to transform the lives of those living with ADHD, Qbtech wishes to help more patients access high-quality care. To do so, Qbtech will empower patients and support new delivery models that make care much more accessible while improving clinical and medical outcomes. 

Its current products upskill professionals through objective data and training, helping to address the dual challenges of workforce shortages and a dramatic increase in demand for ADHD care post-COVID pandemic. Future products will build on this and place patients at the centre of their care.

“Verdane is an experienced investor in healthcare software, and we look forward to partnering with Qbtech at this pivotal moment in their growth journey,” said Henrik Aspén at Verdane. “Qbtech offers a unique technology that is driving the standard for clinical validation and advancing new technologies at a rapid pace. Our team has been impressed by their ground-breaking, innovative technologies that improve care, reduce healthcare costs, and provide an amazing experience for patients and their families.”

The Qbtech investment will be made from Verdane’s Idun fund, which is classified as “Article 9” under the European Union’s Finance Disclosure Regulation. Idun makes investments focused on driving impact in three clusters: energy transition; sustainable consumption; and resilient communities. Previous investments include Auntie, a digital provider of workplace wellbeing services; Spond, a digital enabler of grassroot sports and physical health; and EVA Global, a managed services provider supporting the global shift to electric vehicles. To date, Verdane has invested in over 30 sustainable society businesses.

“We are delighted that Verdane believes in our track record and mission to transform ADHD care. We have always sought to import the best aspects of Health tech into MedTech and Verdane’s expertise within tech and software-enabled businesses will be of significant value to us,” shared Carl Reuterskiold, CEO of Qbtech.

Source: Businesswire

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