Air Products and Associated British Ports partner on Green Hydrogen Production

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Air Products and Associated British Ports (ABP) announced a collaboration to build the UK's first large-scale, green hydrogen production facility.

The facility would import green ammonia from Air Products and its partners' producing facilities around the world. This would be used to generate green hydrogen to decarbonise hard-to-abate sectors like transportation and industry.

By 2030, the UK government wants 10 GW of low-carbon hydrogen to be in production or construction. At the moment, the UK doesn't make much of this kind of hydrogen domestically. As a first mover, Air Products wants to help the government reach its goals by addressing the urgent task of decarbonising hard-to-abate sectors and reducing the UK's reliance on fossil fuels.

ABP and Air Products are collaborating to bring the new green hydrogen facility to the Port of Immingham. The location will provide the required maritime infrastructure while also being close to markets and utilities. ABP will invest in new infrastructure, including a new jetty, to support the import and export of liquid bulk items. 

In addition to green ammonia, the jetty is being designed to handle other cargoes related to the energy transition, such as the import of liquified carbon dioxide (CO2) from carbon capture and storage projects for sequestration in the North Sea, thereby playing an important role in the UK's energy transition.

Immingham is located within the UK's largest industrial cluster and is close to proposed offshore CO2 transit and storage networks. The idea builds on an existing Air Products plan to build the UK's largest blue hydrogen factory in Immingham, transforming the Humber into a major hub for low-carbon energy generation, businesses, and jobs.

The project will assist Immingham and the UK in a variety of ways, including the elimination of up to 580,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year, the equivalent of removing 20,000 diesel HGVs off UK roads, as well as the reduction of nitrous oxide and particulate emissions. 

Furthermore, the project will deliver up to $4.6 billion in economic and financial benefits to the region, as well as 1,400 direct jobs and approximately 1,600 indirect jobs for supply chains and local businesses.

This first-mover project will boost demand and help build a local and national green hydrogen market. It will play a significant role in the Government's plans to make the UK a "global leader in low-carbon hydrogen."

Ivo Bols, Air Products’ President, Europe and Africa, said: 

"Globally, Air Products supports the energy transition by developing real, first-mover projects. We are forging sustainable hydrogen supply chains with our partners and using our hydrogen knowledge and expertise to accelerate the energy transition. We are in positive talks with government ministers and officials about our plans to invest in UK green hydrogen. To enable our investment decision, we are seeking some policy assurances that a viable market will exist for our product.”

Henrik L. Pedersen, ABP’s Chief Executive Officer, said: 

“ABP and the Humber are at the epicentre of the decarbonisation agenda and we are delighted to work with Air Products on this project, which will help deliver the UK’s legal obligation to be net zero by 2050.

“ABP’s ports are a vital part of the UK’s energy transition, and we are making significant investments to support a range of renewable energy generation projects, including the expansion of Green Port Hull and the transformation of Port Talbot to help deliver the UK’s ambition for floating offshore wind in the Celtic Sea.”

Source: Air Products

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