3M and Ansys Collaborate to Help Engineers End Waste

Published on: 6 January 2022 08:15 PM
by KnowESG
Engineers examine a tool

A Brief Summary

3M and Ansys have jointly launched a modelling training program that is helping engineers accelerate the design stage, get rid of material waste and fine-tune product development processes.

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3M is the industry leader in the development and distribution of adhesives used in a variety of industries, including industrial equipment, health care, worker safety, and consumer goods. 3M scientists and engineers employ Ansys technologies throughout the adhesive development cycle to ensure that adhesives preserve structural integrity.

When analysing new polymeric materials, simulation allows engineers to significantly increase sustainability and confirm engineering decisions. Engineers frequently struggle to gather precise engineering data on tapes and adhesives to run simulations effectively, resulting in waste and additional prototype cycles, which impedes sustainability efforts. To address this issue, 3M and Ansys collaborated to develop a material modelling training programme for engineers that teaches them how to model with tape and structural adhesives, optimise adhesive and joint design, reduce waste, and increase production efficiency. 3M also provides Ansys users with certified FE material models for their tape and adhesive products.

"3M is creating the most advanced learning environment along with Ansys that will educate the present and future engineering workforce on how to make use of powerful material science and digital engineering solutions to increase productivity and subsequently improve sustainability." said Rebecca Miller, Vice President, Structural Adhesives at 3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division.

Three industry-level learning modules for adhesive modelling and simulation are now accessible in the Ansys Learning Hub as part of the first phase of this programme (ALH). ALH is a learning and development programme powered by Ansys that houses digital engineering solution training and adoption materials for a variety of verticals. These courses mix on-demand and instructor-led instruction from 3M researchers and engineers. All ALH clients will be able to participate in the campaign. The series will grow over time to become a guided learning programme that covers several important material modelling engineer competencies and will become an accredited curriculum that is integrated into the material industry's qualification process.