Hotelbeds Introduces Environmental, Social, and Governance Strategy

Published on: 22 July 2022
by KnowESG
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Hotelbeds has released a new environmental, social, and governance plan. In collaboration with several NGOs, Hotelbeds plans to launch a global reforestation project and a mentoring programme for small or startup businesses, particularly those in sustainable tourism, in the coming year.

During the pandemic, it also moved its employees' volunteer activities online to support several NGOs and groups assisting vulnerable people across the globe.

Hotelbeds CEO, Nicolas Huss, said:

"as one of the world's leading travel technology companies, we have the opportunity to make tourism a force for good and contribute to creating a sustainable future. We are committed to supporting and developing green tourism and continue to reduce the environmental impact of our daily operations and offices, while also supporting our partners to achieve their own ESG goals.

"Another important part of our strategy is to make sure we lead our ESG agenda from the front, ensuring our employees can contribute themselves to creating a stronger and healthier society as well as supporting local communities to thrive and progress. Furthermore, our well-being programme, which is embedded in our culture, is one of our key tools to support our people on their journey towards happiness and work-life balance.

“From a governance perspective, although we know we have more work to do, we have achieved 50% of our executive team being women, reflecting our determination to have an inclusive and diverse workplace.”

It also intends to leverage the commitment of its hotel partners to sustainability issues, with booking filters identifying, for instance, hotels that avoid single-use plastics or offer electric vehicle charging stations—capitalising on the fact that these requirements are becoming increasingly important to modern travellers.

And as part of its broader strategy announcement, the firm also announced this week to its employees an increase in the number of volunteer hours it will match, underscoring its view that Hotelbeds's staff are passionate about making a difference in the areas where they reside.

Source: Travel Daily News

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