Heather McMahon Joins Dalrada's Clean Energy Advisory Board

Published on: 18 August 2022
by KnowESG
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Dalrada Financial Corporation, an innovator in clean energy, healthcare, and technology, announced the appointment of cyber intelligence industry expert Heather McMahon to its Clean Energy Advisory Board in response to rising cybersecurity vulnerabilities in the Power and Utilities (P&U) sector.

Ensuring data security is critical to the long-term sustainability of clean energy technology, and preventing cyber-attacks on energy infrastructure can prevent industry breaches and shut-downs from becoming national, regional, and local emergencies.

As a result of the sector's societal relevance, more than half (53%) of P&U cybersecurity leaders are concerned about their ability to control threats. Companies today confront more extensive and sophisticated risks across all sectors of the energy business, including weak connections in supply chains and increased vulnerability due to the ongoing adoption of digital transformation projects.

Brian Bonar, Chairman and CEO of Dalrada, states: 

“Protecting energy infrastructure from cybersecurity threats is a vital component of ESG, as integrating disruptive clean energy technologies adds to network complexity. For this reason, Dalrada welcomes Heather McMahon to the Clean Energy Advisory Board. Her expert guidance provides tremendous value to Dalrada, its clean energy initiatives, and its ESG clients.”

Ms. McMahon has over two decades of expertise leading the US Department of Defense's national security and counterintelligence activities across multibillion-dollar initiatives involving over 4.5 million employees globally. Ms. McMahon is currently the Professor of Practice and Deputy Executive Director of the UMD Applied Research Lab for Intelligence & Security. She formerly served as the Senior Director of the U.S. President's Intelligence Advisory Board.

Dalrada's agility enables it to respond quickly to demands for advanced ESG resources and safer alternative products and services that deliver substantial value and benefit. The company is always developing innovative, meaningful solutions to meet today's and tomorrow's complex challenges.

Source: Businesswire

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