TIRI Aids Firms With ESG Implementation

Published on: 4 January 2022 05:55 PM
by KnowESG

A Brief Summary

The Taiwan Investor Relations Institute conducted its annual conference and banquet at Regent Taipei. The theme of this year's conference, "The Future of Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance," is ESG. Investors are interested in this topic, and notable guests are asked to share their ESG implementation experiences. The market value and transaction volume of businesses listed in Taiwan have exceeded the total market value of 55 trillion NTD this year due to rapid trading in the global capital market. The main focus of investor interest in businesses is on sustainability plans and outcomes.

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TIRI will collaborate with CMoney Technology Co., Ltd. ("CMoney") to launch the "Taiwan ESG Rating Index," a new milestone in Taiwan ESG development, to provide companies with more specific guidance and indicators, as well as more transparent information to investors regarding ESG implementation performance.

Even though the epidemic continues to pose a threat to countries all over the world, Gary A Labranche, CEO of the National Institute of Investor Relations (NIRI), Eva Chanand, Chairman of the Hong Kong Investor Relations Association (HKIRA), and Tim the human They all complimented TIRI on the yearly video conference and presented their work in the fields of ESG and IR, with one of them serving as a Senior Reporter for IR Magazine. They also pledged to work more closely with TIRI on various projects and to jointly establish an international investor relations resource platform.

As the capital market matures, we will see more acknowledgment of the IR profession and hence quick advancements in TIRI matters, according to Fu Fu Xin, Chairman of TIRI. This year, TIRI has hosted or co-hosted over a hundred professional courses and forums for managers, supervisors, senior governance officials, and investor relations officers (IROs), as well as private professional knowledge exchange, with agencies such as TWSE, TPEx, Investor Relations Training Center (IRTC), and Entrepreneur Club. IR reviews the securities services given by TWSE every two months, as well as the official website of TIRI and the mainstream financial media in Taiwan, regularly. It also aids publicly traded companies with board performance evaluations and gives professional advice on corporate governance improvement. TIRI and NIRI have partnered to promote NIRI's Investor Relations Charter (IRC) Certificate Program and online IR courses since last year.

TIRI's Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Johnny Koo is a character in the film Johnny Koo In collaboration with CMoney, highlights the three fundamental values of Taiwan's Environmental and Social Rating Index (ESG Index):

1. The index aims for fairness and transparency by obtaining a rating based on quantitative data and augmenting it with qualitative data.

2. Using an open platform for publicly traded enterprises to proactively participate in information disclosure.

3. Ensuring that Taiwan's regulatory compliance meets international norms. CMoney is a professional financial and economic platform with integrated features such as an investment decision system recognised by the majority of investment institutions, over 20 million monthly views on average, and over 2 million active users. Its participation in promoting the "Taiwan ESG Rating Index" will allow investors to acquire ESG rating information and relevant disclosures more effectively based on a wide variety of users.