Principal (Hong Kong) announces ESG funds

Published on: 28 December 2021 04:11 AM
by KnowESG
Principle invests in ESG

A Brief Summary

Principal(Hong Kong) launches sustainable Asian income fund and sustainable Asian allocation fund. The new funds aim to provide capital growth and income over the medium to long term. They use a best-in-class strategy with the portfolio being 100% ESG screened.

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Under its Principal Prosperity Series, Principal (Hong Kong) has recently announced the introduction of the Principal Sustainable Asian Income Fund and the future Principal Sustainable Asian Allocation Fund. The Securities and Futures Commission has approved the products for sale to retail investors and placed them on the list of green and ESG funds.

The Principal Sustainable Asian Income Fund was established on December 15, 2021, with Howe Chung Wan and Prakash Gopalakrishnan as investment managers and the US dollar as the base currency. The fund's annual costs are 1.22 percent, with 0.90 percent in management fees.

"Enhancing retirement security with prospective regular dividend-paying investment products may help seniors maintain their living standards, allowing them to feel more financially secure," said Derek Ching, CEO of Principal Investment & Retirement Services Limited.

The new funds are designed to deliver medium to long term capital growth and income.