EPA to allocate billions for water system upgrade

Published on: 31 December 2021 08:15 AM
by KnowESG
EPA announced distribution of funds for water infrastructure.

A Brief Summary

A newly passed infrastructure fund package will help the states soon upgrade their drinking water and wastewater systems. In a letter to the governors across the country, EPA Administrator Michael Regan said the institution makes available $44 billion in water funding over the next five years with the help from state funds.

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The first tranche, worth $7.4 billion, will be distributed to states, tribes, and territories in the coming year, according to Regan. According to the EPA, more than half of the investment will be in the form of entirely forgiving loans and grants.

Regan also wants states to prioritize marginalized regions with failing systems and pollution that haven't received their fair share of federal water infrastructure funds.

"The state revolving funds have been the backbone of water infrastructure investments for more than 30 years, providing low-cost funding for local projects across America," the EPA said in a statement. "However, many water-stressed localities have not received their due share of federal water infrastructure investment." States have a one-of-a-kind chance to close this gap under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act."

Regan stated that EPA Assistant Administrator Radhika Fox will shortly give national advice to state primacy agencies on the utilization of water infrastructure funds as the next stage in the process.

In his letter, Regan urged states to use funding from the infrastructure package, which was signed into law by President Biden last month, to eliminate as many lead service lines as feasible.