China Medical System's Latest Rating By MSCI Remains Unchanged At AA

Published on: 04 January 2022
by KnowESG
An employee in a pharmaceutical industry

A Brief Summary

The world's largest index provider, Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI), has recently updated the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) rating of China Medical System. The rating indicates that the company surpasses most of its global peers and maintains a leading position in ESG management.

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MSCI ESG ratings have covered over 2900 companies internationally. Their ratings maintain independence, consistency and transparency and have become helpful for global investors in making investment decisions. For the two consecutive years, CMS has maintained the "AA" rating and received amazing scores in several fields such as corporate governance, human capital, product safety and quality.

CMS has always placed a high value on ESG governance and practice in order to achieve the sustainable development goal of "carrying out the concept of environmental protection, achieving the value of social responsibility, and being committed to becoming a leading sustainable pharmaceutical enterprise in China." In 2020, CMS set up an ESG Committee at the board level. The Committee pays close attention to stakeholder needs and worldwide ESG governance trends and improves internal operations as needed, actively promoting public welfare and environmental preservation. CMS treats employees as the most significant assets, provides them with comprehensive career plans, and actively protects their rights and interests, according to the principle of "striver-oriented." CMS is one of the biggest pharmaceutical firms, also follows these guidelines.

CMS is committed to incorporating ESG governance into business operations in the future, to meeting corporate environmental and social responsibilities, and to offering more high-quality and affordable innovative medications to satisfy patients' clinical requirements in order to produce greater societal value.