Company ESG Profiles with Ratings

At KnowESG, we provide ESG ratings collated from three leading ESG data providers: MSCI esg research, Refinitiv, and Sustainalytics. Our platform offers an ESG score comparison across these providers, giving investors a comprehensive understanding of a company's ESG performance, esg risks and its relative peer standing.

Institutional investors can use ESG ratings as a key tool in their investment process (analytics & risk) to make informed investment decisions. Factoring ESG ratings into decision-making can help gain valuable insight into the risks and opportunities associated with business operations and identify the key issues that may impact long-term performance.

What are ESG ratings & ESG scorings

ESG ratings are evaluations of a company's performance in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, they are designed to provide investors and pension funds with an understanding of the ESG risks and opportunities associated with a company's operations. ESG ratings take into account a variety factors, including a company's environmental impact, its social responsibility, ESG disclosures and corporate governance practices. Based on corporate governance research using latest ESG information and tools various stakeholders can make informed decisions about companies in line with their sustainability goals. Msci inc. (incl. gmi ratings) is one of the leading providers of ESG ratings range.

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