Federal Funds Fuel Greener Future at Brussels Airport

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KnowESG_Federal Funds Fuel Greener Future at Brussels Airport
Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) being loaded onto an aeroplane at Brussels Airport.

A year ago, Brussels Airport shared some exciting news - they started using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) through the NATO pipeline.

However, the high cost of SAF has slowed down airlines from using it. To speed up the shift to eco-friendly flying, Brussels Airport Company, with help from the government, plans to offer a financial boost. This SAF incentive will be open to all airlines flying out of Brussels Airport throughout 2024.

SAF is seen as a great way to make flying more environmentally friendly by 2050. It has been tested and approved, and planes can use a mix of SAF and regular fuel.

Since electric and hydrogen options for planes are not ready yet, SAF is the best way to cut down on CO2 emissions. However, it is more expensive because of the materials used and the costs of making it. Airlines are interested, though.

Brussels Airport wants to use more SAF. As part of a two-million-euro subsidy given by the government in April 2022, Brussels Airport Company suggested a plan to encourage SAF use.

The Belgian government liked the idea. Georges Gilkinet, Minister of Mobility, says we need to use every tool to make flying greener. Thanks to this support, companies will be encouraged to choose SAF over regular fuel, a practical way to test reducing CO2 emissions in flights.

The SAF incentive is for all airlines, covering short and long flights from Brussels Airport in 2024. Airlines can get up to 2,00,000 euros each, helping them with 80% of the extra SAF costs.

Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport Company, says using SAF is crucial to reach the goal of zero CO2 emissions by 2050. The SAF incentive is part of their commitment to making flying more eco-friendly. They aim to have 5% SAF in use by 2026, faster than the European goal, working together with their airline partners.

For more info about SAF in the Stargate project, check Sustainable aviation fuel — Stargate (greendealstargate.eu).

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Source: Brussels Airport


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