Climate Impact X Launches Digital Platform for Climate Action

Published on: 18 March 2022
by KnowESG

The global carbon exchange and marketplace, Climate Impact X (CIX), has announced the launch of its Project Marketplace, a digital platform for carbon credits, which helps corporates accelerate their climate actions through verified carbon projects.

Project Marketplace is a digital platform that facilitates carbon project suppliers and businesses to list, discover, compare, buy and retire quality carbon credits.

Regardless of size, the digital platform will ensure the participation of businesses in the voluntary carbon market and liberalise laws for companies to access quality credits.

The platform entails user experiences such as shortened purchase journeys and one-click retirement and transfers.

Along with third-party ratings and satellite monitoring technology, the platform will provide information on projects, promote interests, and create fidelity in the voluntary carbon market.

The projects listed on the platform are screened by registries, subjected to the internal evaluation of carbon sequestration performance, social integrity, governance and risk management, and biodiversity contribution. Project Marketplace has plans to expand into other credits in the coming days.

Mikkel Larsen, Chief Executive Officer of CIX, said: "Responsible corporates are looking for assurance that the credits they buy will deliver tangible, lasting climate impact. Therefore, we chose to launch Project Marketplace ahead of our Auction and Spot Exchange platforms."

"It is the ideal venue for companies that want to explore the VCM. We aim to engender greater confidence amongst buyers and sellers of carbon credits. To achieve the goal we focus on curating quality credits and offering credible data, insights and practical guidance to our wider community.”