Bread Financial's Promise to Preserve Planet with Gift to The Nature Conservancy

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Bread Financial, a tech-forward financial services company that provides simple, flexible payment, lending, and saving solutions, has announced a donation to The Nature Conservancy (TNC) that will support nature-friendly economic development opportunities in low- and moderate-income communities in the Appalachians and the conservancy's efforts to sustainably manage, restore, and protect forests.

An additional donation to The Nature Conservancy India will support its efforts to provide access to clean energy.

Bread Financial has supported TNC's goal and effort to safeguard the planet and fight climate change through steps that limit the rise of average global temperatures for the second year in a row. Bread Financial will support TNC's investments in natural climate solutions, including efforts to sustainably manage, restore, and protect forests and other lands in the Appalachians, while the donation to India will support wind and solar projects that will help the country meet its renewable energy goals.

Committed to strengthening the financial wellness of communities, Bread Financial’s sustainability ambitions also align with the conservancy’s initiatives to foster nature-friendly economic development and jobs. The donation will assist the financial wellness of communities and people in need by offering people in need by providing people in the Appalachians who are below the poverty line with sustainable, eco-friendly economic opportunities.

Ralph Andretta, president and chief executive officer of Bread Financial, said: 

"Bread Financial recognizes the importance of environmental stewardship and the risks that environmental challenges, including climate change, increasingly pose to our business, our associates, our clients, our customers, and the communities we serve. I am proud to share the positive impact our actions and investments are making to protect and preserve our planet while also promoting financial wellness.”

Angie Watland, Director of the Central Appalachians Program, The Nature Conservancy, said: 

"We’re thrilled to receive this donation from Bread Financial, which supports TNC’s commitment to accelerating the responsible management of our landscapes in ways that can improve people’s lives. The health of our natural areas is inextricably linked to the health and well-being of our communities. We are all united by nature and conservation should embody that.”

Bread Financial’s gift to TNC supports multiple programs across the organization, including:

  • The Family Forest Carbon Programme. TNC is partnering with the American Forest Foundation to make carbon finance available to America’s 11 million family forest owners for the first time. TNC is working with forest landowners to protect these critical forest habitats at scale while improving private forest management for long-term sustainability, providing revenue through access to markets, and fighting climate change by sequestering carbon.

  • Mining the Sun. This programme aims to spur economic prosperity in West Virginia, where TNC has built a strong network to create a roadmap for placing solar farms on former mining lands, brownfield sites and other industrial sites, turning unproductive lands into assets, generating jobs and tax revenue, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving vital natural landscapes.

  • Indigenous Tribes: In Maine and New York, TNC is working with traditional communities to understand and include their connections to Appalachian lands and waters as we protect the lands vital to a healthy forest in a changing climate.

  • SiteRight: The SiteRight tool can help select locations for solar and wind projects that can help meet India’s renewable energy goals while avoiding adverse impacts on the environment and people.

Bread Financial is a financial services company with a mission to explore and adopt sustainable methods throughout its business and operations. Its dedication to environmental protection includes steps to reduce waste sent to landfills, cultivate a more sustainable supply chain, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Source: Bread Financial

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