Apex Group Offsets Lifetime Carbon Footprint

Published on: 19 March 2022 11:44 AM
by KnowESG

Apex Group, a global financial services provider, has committed to offsetting its lifetime carbon emissions. The firm, now a carbon neutral business, is believed to be the first in the financial services industry to achieve this goal and has grown into a global financial services provider, servicing $2.2 trillion of assets and providing employment to more than 8000 people.

Apex has made it clear that its mission is to drive positive change and inspire the industry to take action on environmental and social issues. To date, Apex's global sustainability efforts have been focusing on advancing insights into environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impacts across private markets, fostering an internal culture of transparency, and promoting ethical stewardship across the company and beyond.

The Group has an existing partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, a non-profit NGO dedicated to reconstructing local communities in developing countries harmed by deforestation. The Group planted 200,000 trees in 2021, ten plants for every new customer contract signed and five trees for every five years of an employee's tenure.

Carbon Footprint Limited, a prominent independent climate change consultant, will offset Apex Group's emissions. Carbon Footprint is a founding member of the Quality Assurance Standard for carbon offsetting and a preferred provider for many reputable organisations, including the UK Government.

Domestic energy initiatives in Malawi and Nigeria, ecosystem protection in Cambodia, and renewable energy systems in Brazil, Turkey, and China will offset the Group's emissions.

Apex will review and assess measures to reduce and offset future emissions regularly, including increasing the use of renewable energy sources, removing single-use plastics from all of its offices, limiting international travel where possible, and informing employees about best-in-class sustainability practices through its regular Eco-Watch newsletter.

Peter Hughes, Founder and CEO of Apex Group said: “We are extremely proud to set the standard for the industry in being the first to offset our lifetime emissions – but we are not satisfied with leaving it at that and will continue to improve our ESG credentials across our operations and in the way we do business."

"We are committed to positive change and being a force for good in both the way we conduct business and by setting an example. With our global platform, we feel we have a responsibility to do the right thing and we therefore continually strive to be a responsible corporate citizen, focused on making a difference to our people, our planet and our society.”