Dentons' Big Move for Sustainability, Employee Wellbeing

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Dentons, a major international law firm, is revamping its Italian offices to be greener and better for employees.

This initiative focuses on creating a healthier and more sustainable work environment. The project starts in Milan and will then head to Rome, aiming to cut energy use by over 20% and significantly improve the office's environmental impact score. It is also expected to boost employee wellbeing and make building management smoother.

Dentons is working with OneTerra, a company with a special tech platform. This platform combines data on how the buildings function and how employees use the space. OneTerra uses this information to create a plan that meets Dentons' environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals and improves the value of their real estate.

Aldo Radice, Dentons Italy's Chief Operating Officer, explains, "After careful due diligence conducted with OneTerra. We have developed a strategy to improve management performance and smart readiness (SRI), optimizing the energy and water efficiency of the building, while ensuring a healthier environment for occupants."

The project involves an overhaul of the buildings' systems. They have installed new ways to track and manage energy and water use, along with advanced systems to control heating and cooling efficiently. Sensors throughout the offices monitor things like temperature, humidity, and air quality to keep everyone comfortable and minimise environmental impact.

“In addition to the technical interventions, we have also introduced, with the support of OneTerra, some innovative edutainment activities using a dedicated app and digital stations set up in the offices to actively engage occupants in adopting sustainable behaviors and promoting environmental awareness,” added Radice.

By working with OneTerra, Dentons Italy shows their commitment to strong ethical practices and environmental responsibility. This initiative addresses the growing need for workplaces to be sustainable and promote employee wellbeing.

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